Life will be interesting if we are happy today

Readers, welcome back.

The most extraordinary thing in our life is “we don’t know what happens tomorrow”.

Today I am here to tell you a curious and suspicious story about the great king DUMDUM.

You may think like I have never heard of this king’s name. Of Course yes. This is the name from my story’s character. Enjoy it.

DUMDUM, why are you sad today? You won’t be like this as much as I have been with you.

Yes, dad. I have not been like this since today morning. But due to circumstances, an ordinary man should change so, right dad? Mmmm. 

But what circumstances? Elaborate clearly my prince.

The day when I was near the pond SPEDRA, I saw a beautiful rabbit. It was pink in color. 

From that day onwards, I used to go to the pond to see that rabbit.

But after a few days, the rabbit was not there.

Prince, it’s natural. The rabbit would have gone to search food or would have gone to another peaceful place as it’s also a living organism. 

Don’t interrupt dad.

After finding the rabbit was missing, I was shocked.

Dear son, now you would have searched for it, right?

Dad, don’t interrupt. 

I started searching for it as you said, but couldn’t find it. Then I started thinking as a rabbit, where would I go if someone follows me and disturbs me regularly? And the answer for the question is I would have gone to the neighboring place where plenty of water and vegetables, fruits are there.

After thinking like a rabbit, I searched for the place which I thought in my mind as a rabbit.

At last, I found it. The rabbit was in danger. One wolf was chasing it to eat. And after seeing this, I rescued the rabbit. And I took the rabbit to the palace.

Okay my son, but where is it now?

I don’t know dad, I took it here so that it will be safe and can enjoy it’s day easily. 

Don’t worry son. It would have gone to its own place where it can be free and can enjoy itself by finding its own food, escaping from wolf, eagle and taking rest under the shade of the tree and finally playing with it’s friends.

Dad, but why?

My son, there will not be any interest in life if we know what happens tomorrow. As that rabbit knew that its rest entire life will be with you, if it stays here and so, it didn’t want to be here and wanted to enjoy the day without knowing what happens tomorrow.

Oh.. that’s great dad. So, you are telling us that we should be happy today. Either good things happen or bad things happen, we should not worry about the future. Is it dad?

Yes my dear prince DUMDUM. So you will be happy today itself and enjoy today itself, because you don’t know what happens tomorrow. 

My dear readers, just follow what I conveyed to you from this story so that you can enjoy it like a rabbit. 

(Don’t worry about the RED TRAIN -2, it will be coming soon.)

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.


If You want to win,

If you want to achieve,

If you want to be happy,

First be yourself 

If you want to be like a boss,

If you want to live like a king,

If you want to sleep nicely,

Then be the best version of you.

If you want respect,

If you want good response,

If you want quality of food,

You do the thing that you want first.

If you want all the things,  try to give what you expect. Because, in this world, all are like us if not some are like us. So, they will also think like us and imitate like us. so , they will do what we do. For that if we give respect, etc.they will also give us. 

We should be the role model for others. We should not think they didn’t give this and that. 

Be yourself and appreciate those who do a good job. So that you will also get back the same with better than what you gave.If you need something, you should be ready to give/do something.

 Expectation is a good thing but if you expect too much and if you didn’t get what you expected, you’ll really be very disappointed.

Predict what you get and expect what you predict to live a happy and wonderful life.

Always do what you want to get and you will in response get a better one what you gave.

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.