Stress problem leads to “LIFE PROBLEM” (Chapter 1)

This is a short story which is also my favourite story from my classic collections. Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination SUCCESS.

Today, I’m going to tell the cause and the results of stress and how to reduce it to live a happy and wonderful life.

The story begins:

There was a beautiful city named Tynam. Everywhere, we could see trees, small and big buildings, people and attractive shops. This city contained battery cars and thus, the atmosphere of the city was also clean and pleasant.

Two close friends namely- Bob and Jib lived together, studied together in the same school and college, worked together, married together but not lived together.

Both were really like siblings. They both knew what this guy wanted and that guy wanted. Their life was easy going and didn’t get any stress problems till they got a huge responsibility- FAMILY.

After a few years, they have been separated as they went to work on other jobs to meet their financial needs. So now, their interaction between both had been stopped and both focused on work and family.

Later Bob and Jib got two children each. Their life was really interesting till these children grew up. Now after years, their children have grown and they are studying in grade 3 and 4.

Jib was a cool guy whereas Bob was a tension guy. Due to this over responsibilities, Bob couldn’t really control and manage his salary and run his family. So, he worked hard to earn more and he worked overtime, so that he could live a happy life. Now also, he couldn’t manage the expenses and couldn’t really be happy. He earned more than that of Jib but the more he earned, the more he spent. 

– The key feature is that, we unknowingly fall into it and we will unknowingly grow it till we know we are trapped by this stress.
– It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Due to this, Bob really couldn’t sleep properly, eat properly, play with his kids properly, and couldn’t even do his work properly. He was in the trap of STRESS. 

After a few days, Jib contacted Bob by a phone call and Bob really in a sad way expressed his situation to him and finally Jib called him to meet him when he was free in his office. 

Now, what will Jib do to make Bob’s life beautiful? (Chapter 2 coming soon)

Think about this situation and make your day optimistic.

Thank you.