Welcome back. In the chapter 1 of – Stress problem leads to “LIFE PROBLEM”, we read that there were two close friends namely Bob and Jib. Jib was a cool guy whereas Bob was a tension guy. Due to Stress, Bob really couldn’t sleep properly, eat properly, play with his kids properly, and couldn’t even do his work properly. He was in the trap of STRESS. Now he went to Jib’s house to talk with him. 

Story continues –

Welcome Bob, take a seat. What would you like to have? Asked Jib.

Yeah well, one coffee, Jib.

As I said before, I couldn’t really sleep or do anything properly. The tension or the anxiety, something disturbs me. The responsibilities of mine are ordinary as all people have but I couldn’t manage it. I earn a good salary but I couldn’t really save some. This keeps me thinking that I should earn more again, or do a job after coming from the office. My head is in pain and I can’t enjoy anything but I have everything which makes me feel comfortable. In the beginning, I was really well but after a few years and months, it became worse. 

Okay okay… wait for a minute. Allow me to talk any. Let me try to give you some ideas. 

See, life is just as simple as you can imagine. If you think that is difficult or this is difficult, you can’t do it. Similarly, if you think this money is not enough for survival, then you cannot live in your budget and will not be able to save any. YOU are under one bad dream, STRESS. Just think of something good and sleep, so that you can enjoy your dream. Feel the cool breeze which is coming from the window, enjoy the chirping sound of the birds, take a walk in the evening and early in the morning, read some books which can make you involved and which makes you an optimist, go for a journey, travel a lot which helps to refresh your mind regularly, play with your kids, talk and spend time with your family which makes you more comfortable and soothe you a lot. This is not the end, you can also do something which makes you comfortable. Listen to music which creates happiness and relaxation in everyday life, reduces stress and lessens anxiety. 

I’m just giving tips and this is not a solution to the problem, by practising these or many, you may feel like you have escaped from the bad dream, STRESS. From every single thing, make the best out of it and make the best version of it for yourself to live a happy and wonderful life. 

Hope you readers got some idea what stress is and how to clean like a dust. Make sure because of you, your surroundings should not frown off but because of you, your surroundings should smile like a flower. 

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.