Am I really enjoying life?

Hello readers, welcome back to my blog posts. Yeah, it became too much time to come back and write something beautiful and really the schools got started, and thus couldn’t maintain the blog for a few months.

Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination “SUCCESS”. 

So, today’s topic is “ Am I really enjoying life? “, well many have or had doubts based on this content. I hope many are thinking right now about enjoyment. 

What does enjoy mean? 

  • take delight
  • pleasure in (an activity or occasion)

Enjoyment doesn’t mean having a BMW/ a home on the 56th floor in a multistorey building. But something more than that. It doesn’t mean having a Lamborghini. 

So you may ask me what does enjoyment mean? Or what can we enjoy if it’s not from BMW/ Lamborghini? 

Well, enjoyment comes from the heart. It’s a feeling of pleasure and happiness, satisfaction, making something good to someone and literally, it’s a passion. 

A man who sleeps for 8 hours or more is enjoying more than the richest person who couldn’t sleep for 8 hours, atleast. The quality of sleep is more important than the quantity of sleep. Quality in the sense having a peaceful sleep without any disturbances.

Enjoyment is there in every aspect of life. Does eating, sleeping, studying, reading books, walking, feeling lonely, crying, dancing, singing, listening to music, watching television, etc are not enjoyable?

Guys, everything is enjoyable if we have that talent to enjoy. Basically, we must be optimistic to enjoy everything in life. 

So, don’t worry about anything in life, rather enjoy everything in life. 

Hope you all might understand what I’m trying to say. 

Now comment below, “who all are enjoying life?”

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.

Stress problem leads to “LIFE PROBLEM” (Chapter 1)

This is a short story which is also my favourite story from my classic collections. Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination SUCCESS.

Today, I’m going to tell the cause and the results of stress and how to reduce it to live a happy and wonderful life.

The story begins:

There was a beautiful city named Tynam. Everywhere, we could see trees, small and big buildings, people and attractive shops. This city contained battery cars and thus, the atmosphere of the city was also clean and pleasant.

Two close friends namely- Bob and Jib lived together, studied together in the same school and college, worked together, married together but not lived together.

Both were really like siblings. They both knew what this guy wanted and that guy wanted. Their life was easy going and didn’t get any stress problems till they got a huge responsibility- FAMILY.

After a few years, they have been separated as they went to work on other jobs to meet their financial needs. So now, their interaction between both had been stopped and both focused on work and family.

Later Bob and Jib got two children each. Their life was really interesting till these children grew up. Now after years, their children have grown and they are studying in grade 3 and 4.

Jib was a cool guy whereas Bob was a tension guy. Due to this over responsibilities, Bob couldn’t really control and manage his salary and run his family. So, he worked hard to earn more and he worked overtime, so that he could live a happy life. Now also, he couldn’t manage the expenses and couldn’t really be happy. He earned more than that of Jib but the more he earned, the more he spent. 

– The key feature is that, we unknowingly fall into it and we will unknowingly grow it till we know we are trapped by this stress.
– It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Due to this, Bob really couldn’t sleep properly, eat properly, play with his kids properly, and couldn’t even do his work properly. He was in the trap of STRESS. 

After a few days, Jib contacted Bob by a phone call and Bob really in a sad way expressed his situation to him and finally Jib called him to meet him when he was free in his office. 

Now, what will Jib do to make Bob’s life beautiful? (Chapter 2 coming soon)

Think about this situation and make your day optimistic.

Thank you.

Walking through the woods

Walking, the word itself creates an interest to the walking lovers. The people who walk regularly know the feeling which the word creates. People walk on the terrace, play ground, park, beach, and so on. 

The woods? Yeah, we all know what the woods mean. The woods are the hard substance that trees are made of which we use to make furniture and so on.

Okay, we know the meaning of walking and the meaning of the woods, so you may think what is the connection between these two? That’s what today’s topic is.

I’m going to explain the term ‘ Walking through the woods ‘ , so I request my readers to read it with enthusiasm. 

The term simply means walking through the forest, the feeling of the person when he/she walks through the forest, the difference between walking in the city and in the greenery.

I walked through the woods when I was studying in grade 8 with my family. The greenery scenery, the fresh and cool breeze, small small creatures, the birds chirping, the monkeys jumping from one branch to another and the main thing is the beautiful feeling which came when I was walking through the woods.

Walking through the woods makes us feel energetic and makes our mind fresh.  Because the view that we see mainly reacts with our body and mind. In the city, we’ll see only the atmosphere and the buildings and its people. But in the woods, we can see trees, sunrise and sunset, the creatures, rivers, nature and it’s beauty. Just close your eyes and think about it. What will you do if you get a chance to ‘ walk through the woods ‘. 

This is for the walking lovers and the people who like to enjoy the greenery scenery. 

Always walk like a lion and do like an optimist.

Thank you.

Poem- I like to be in my own way

I like to be in my own way

Own way… way

I like to be in my own way


Noone can come in my way

My way… way

Noone can come in my way


I like to travel in one way

In one way… way

I like to travel in one way


But if i wish then I take another way

I take another way… way


Because I am living an independent life

an independent life… life


This is the life of my way, own way

my way, own way… way


I like to be in my own way

I never ever like to depend

I never ever like to hang on 

Because I am a legend myself

Myself…  I am a legend

There is nothing to worry

There is nothing to hurry

Because I am in my own way

Own way… way

I am in my own way

I like to be in my own way

This poem came to my mind when I was reading a novel. There is nothing serious about the novel but about the poem. Either you are the creator of your way or I am the creator of my own way.

No one in the world has the right to oppose your own way rather I.

Keep passion towards your own way, and tell me I am in my own way and I like to be in my own way.


Welcome back my dear readers. How you all are smart in your own business. 

Today a part of my incident, a part of my memories, which I am going to tell you now.

A day before yesterday, my father and mother, together, planned for a long tour.

That was a place where all the people lived happily, who were neither sad nor upset.

Yesterday, my parents said about the place to me and my sister. We both were really excited when we heard about the big plan. So, we both started preparing for the upcoming adventure. We were really in a massive mood as we didn’t realise we didn’t take our dinner that day as dreaming about the journey. 

Today we woke up early and I called my father and mother to pack up the things for the upcoming adventurous journey. 

And by 10 am, we started our journey by car to the railway station. 

We were a family who used to forget something in our home while going outstation. Like that we forgot to take our TRAIN tickets. But my family was really a good family as we started our journey half more than early. Now, my father and I rushed to our home and took the TRAIN tickets and came to the station. By the time, the RED TRAIN came and on time, we safely took our seats. 

( Now the interesting thing which happened in the RED TRAIN was really mysterious and you would really think that “it does happen really?” Yes, it happened to us. ) 

Inside the RED TRAIN- wow, dad it’s really amazing. I really didn’t think that the TRAIN would be RED in color…amazing..!

Dad, can I see what’s there in this TRAIN? Yes my son, but be careful. Don’t go too far, be in this radius itself. I said okay and went.

That time while going, I suddenly fell down and stood up and saw one curious thing- A man without a head. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went near the headless man as I thought it was a dream. But the headless man called me by my name. I was surprised and I realised that it was not a dream and was astonished to hear the man calling my name. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

Then I asked that headless man to introduce himself as I am a courageous boy. Then the headless man introduced himself saying that he was not a headless man rather he was a MAGICIAN who can make lots of magics.

Hearing this, I was SHOCKED! It sounds good and I introduced myself to him. And said nice to meet you magician.

After that, we became friends and I asked him to teach me some magic which I could show to my parents and friends. 

And he agreed and taught me some magic. I started practicing it and by the time afternoon came and my father came searching for me and I introduced the magician to my father.

Hope you all think that this is a simple story, but there comes a climax but not now, it will be in THE RED TRAIN part-2.

Keep reading and always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.


Thank you.

Ubay, the rich person – Part 1

Hello guys. Today’s special story is one of my favorite stories. Read it and enjoy.

This is a story about a young guy whose name is Ubay.

Ubay was a boy from a rich family. He was one of 7 children. As he is a rich guy, he didn’t know the difficulties in life. He really didn’t care about life and completed his education. 

As they are a rich family, they were doing many businesses. 

So this Ubay, didn’t wish to start a new business and took over his family businesses.

But there a problem arises. He has 6 siblings, so the businesses were divided among them and their parents distributed equally to their children. 

That time Ubay, though a careless person, kept full confidence in his business partners.

One day, his business partners made a drama and made a false business contract and showed to Ubay. and Ubay as usual, with full confidence in his partners, didn’t read the contract properly and signed the contract. 

Finally Ubay’s full property, including business, was taken. And he became a poor man. 

Then after that, he went to his siblings house. Though they were siblings, they didn’t help Ubay.

So guys, what can we learn from this? Never trust anyone, keeping trust is good, but is that person capable of keeping your trust? Think! and be careful. 

What would this Ubay do now? 

( Part-2 Coming soon )

Always be positive and be an Optimist.

Thank you.

New year 2021

Hello guys. Hope you all are staying great and striving hard to reach your destination success.

First of all I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year 2021:)

So today, I’m going to give you some ideas, tips, to enjoy and celebrate this 2021 in a grand way.

  • This is 2021, so we should improve ourselves by doing things in a professional way that too correctly. 
  • We should travel a lot, and spend maximum time with our family, not just simply by sitting in our home, TRAVELLING:)
  • Take a special motto this year 2021, which you should follow regularly. For example,  BE AN OPTIMIST, this is a motto which I follow regularly. Like this you make a new motto which you can follow. After following your motto, you will see a new world and a new change in & around you, but it’s actually you, who have changed to a great, optimistic person:)
  • Read books and listen to songs which makes you think better and makes your mind fresh and energetic. 
  • Try to make someone happy, if doing so makes you feel great and happy.
  • Create new year resolutions, it’s not necessary to write it in a notebook or telling it to anyone, but we should write it in our mind and we should try to follow it. 

I think if you guys follow the tips given by me, you can transfer into a legend. If you are already a legend, you can live a legendary life forever.

Always be happy and be an optimist. 

Thank you.

Wait patiently

Namaste. Hope you all are staying safe and becoming an OPTIMIST.

Okay. We will start✨

To whom do you wait patiently? For me? Or for yourself? Or for your friends, relatives……?

Guys don’t wait for anybody. Because time is not waiting for you.

Don’t think that your besties will wait for you if you wait.

You may think I am confusing, but in reality, I am not confusing. I am telling you guys that for reaching success there is no need to wait for someone.

You may help somebody. That’s a good job. Congrats. But the one who doesn’t understand your goodness or your hard work, then there is no use to spend time for them that too waiting patiently is not advisable.

Time doesn’t wait for anybody neither for you nor me.

Start your work now. Don’t tell that ‘tomorrow I will do‘ because according to me, tomorrow never comes. If you tell me tomorrow I will do, then if I ask you the same question you will tell me that ‘I am not changing my words, I said tomorrow I will do‘.

So don’t waste time, use time perfectly. Wait patiently for those who understand your goodness.

Always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.

Thank you.

What does make you stronger?

Hello guys. Meeting and writing after a long break-in time. Due to some important work or like online classes, studies, etc. I couldn’t write regularly these days.

But no problem, you guys would have Rocked in life, I believe so.

So welcome you all again to my blog posts.

Today the content which I kept is ‘ what does make you stronger

Guys don’t think that if we don’t have a strong body or if you are slim, it doesn’t matter. Strong means it is of mentally and physically. If we are mentally strong, then we will be physically strong automatically.

So, the main things which I believe doesn’t make me stronger are my overconfidence. Some people may not be stronger due to a lack of willpower, lack of positivity and so on..

I never say that fear is a key that doesn’t make me strong. Because due to fear, we can gear. Fear helps us to strive hard and it helps to increase our will power, confidence, so and so.

Never say fear doesn’t make you stronger. ( Remember )

What doesn’t make you stronger is like a few salts in a Coffee. If you doesn’t take care in starting, and if you are careless, the little salt can make the coffee ‘ bad ‘ regularly.

So, I want to tell you that, what doesn’t make you stronger may be a simple thing in starting, but you should strive hard with it and you should develop the attitude to win it to become stronger.

Always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.

Thank you.


Hope you all are staying safe. 

We, the people of the world, should obey and come to the forefront to make our country clean. It’s not necessary for an individual to clean the country by going road by road, street by street, city by city. If we ourselves do not put the waste in our surroundings or we ourselves clean our own waste, if this is followed by every one, then automatically our country becomes clean and green.

       If anyone in our surrounding throws waste or garbage on the road, or in a public place, we should make him understand how to clean and how to not put or throw the waste in public places. So that it will not happen once more by that person. Also the government can make new rules and punish those who don’t follow the strict rules in making the country clean and garbage free.

So we can understand this concept clearly by an example:

If a priest does pooja in a temple, he uses incense sticks for doing the pooja. After doing the pooja using the incense stick, what should he do with the incense stick? He should place it in a stand and the aroma from the incense stick will reach everywhere. After the incense stick completes fully, what should he do? He should throw it in a road. Isn’t it? no . he should throw it or keep aside where no one could be disturbed and no one will be hurt by the incense stick. I hope this is the correct method. 

Like this only we all should do with any other things, matter which we have in our life. After using it we should throw it in a place where no one could be disturbed by it and no one could be hurt by it so that our surroundings become clean and our country becomes garbage free. This is the simple method which a person should follow and contribute his duty to the country. 

Thus by practising this we will definitely find change in our country.