The fresh chill breeze hit my face, my body and I could feel relief after a good amount of sleep. The day before yesterday(06/7/21), it was my friend’s birthday party which was held at 6 pm near Koikikas city. I, with my colleagues, went to his party a bit early to enjoy and to prepare for the party. We hung balloons on the entire doors and walls, stuck “Happy birthday Raj” with his face on the wall behind the party stage and we arranged food from a five-star hotel near Koikikas city which was located on the jacucas main road.

Hello guys, welcome you all to my optimistishere blog post. Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination ‘SUCCESS’.

I’m Dikshit, the one who is doing the narrative part in this story, and the story dialogues will be from me. I’m a student, doing MBA and I quite do have lots of friends who are not real which I found from one incident. Want to know? Story continues.

Raj- Wow! Wonderful decorations guys. I really thank my dearest friend Dikshit.
Hey, don’t tell me like that, you are my friend and if I don’t help you and if I don’t make the celebration grand, then what for am I called a friend? I said.
Okok but should give credits to the guy who did it right?
Ehh.. stop buttering me, get ready soon, the guest will be here soon.
Okok. I love you Dikshit. You are really a true friend to me.
I saw with an overreacting expression. Yeah, I’ll be back.

The party took place in a grand manner. Everything was perfect and the guests were happy about the food and everything, mainly the atmosphere where the party was held. Nothing special about the atmosphere- just simple folk songs with quiet viewing lights and the air-conditioned hall in my Raj’s house.
I stayed that night at his house and left the next day. The day which I really couldn’t believe.

I was quite happy because many guests were happy about the party’s arrangements. Also, it was my friend’s birthday in which I had spent the money on the food and arrangements.
I went through my Instagram page, I saw many photos of Raj’s birthday party which my friends uploaded, and found that I was not there in even one pic. Never mind Dikshit, I said to myself. But it bothered me. I then saw Raj’s posts, he had posted some group pics and cakes and some pics of his friends. Also, I couldn’t find my pic anywhere.
I thought “ Am I doing something unnecessary? Am I doing something which doesn’t bother me? Am I doing something which the birthday boy, my close friend, didn’t even bother? “ thoughts filled my mind. By that time, it became noon. I had lunch in my usual restaurant called MITHAIJI, which was located 5kms from my rented house. It was raining unusually at noon. I, after eating a hearty lunch of Rotti, paneer tikka, Dahi, dal, and some white rice, returned to my rented house with a moderate speed on my bike without wearing a raincoat under the power of the rain spill.
I slipped and fell down on the road. Blood was flowing like water from the running tap, my hand got scratched and my right leg was injured a lot, and I don’t know what more happened. I collapsed. I got up, tried to open my eyes, blinked, and visualized that I was in a hospital. Someone called the ambulance and thus came here.
My leg was fine but couldn’t move fast as before, my right hand got fractured and lots of blood went out from my body and someone donated blood and everything was done before I could realize or before I became conscious.

Somehow the news spread, my colleagues came to visit me. And my closest friend Raj also came and gave me a basket full of fruits.
That’s all, nothing else. After that, I had to stay in that hospital for a few weeks to undergo treatment. The first day, on which I got in an accident, many came to visit. But after that, none came, including Raj. I survived and survived alone.

From the story, what can we understand?
This is life. There won’t be anyone in our harder times but many will in the happier times though it might be fake. We, ourselves are the person who is our companion, guide, motivator, and everything in this world. We should be Self-dependent as it’s the only way to lead life. Depending on others doesn’t work. As you can’t depend. You should make your mindset and you should be self-dependent to achieve and survive in life.

Always be happy and be an optimist.
Thank you.


Welcome back. In the chapter 1 of – Stress problem leads to “LIFE PROBLEM”, we read that there were two close friends namely Bob and Jib. Jib was a cool guy whereas Bob was a tension guy. Due to Stress, Bob really couldn’t sleep properly, eat properly, play with his kids properly, and couldn’t even do his work properly. He was in the trap of STRESS. Now he went to Jib’s house to talk with him. 

Story continues –

Welcome Bob, take a seat. What would you like to have? Asked Jib.

Yeah well, one coffee, Jib.

As I said before, I couldn’t really sleep or do anything properly. The tension or the anxiety, something disturbs me. The responsibilities of mine are ordinary as all people have but I couldn’t manage it. I earn a good salary but I couldn’t really save some. This keeps me thinking that I should earn more again, or do a job after coming from the office. My head is in pain and I can’t enjoy anything but I have everything which makes me feel comfortable. In the beginning, I was really well but after a few years and months, it became worse. 

Okay okay… wait for a minute. Allow me to talk any. Let me try to give you some ideas. 

See, life is just as simple as you can imagine. If you think that is difficult or this is difficult, you can’t do it. Similarly, if you think this money is not enough for survival, then you cannot live in your budget and will not be able to save any. YOU are under one bad dream, STRESS. Just think of something good and sleep, so that you can enjoy your dream. Feel the cool breeze which is coming from the window, enjoy the chirping sound of the birds, take a walk in the evening and early in the morning, read some books which can make you involved and which makes you an optimist, go for a journey, travel a lot which helps to refresh your mind regularly, play with your kids, talk and spend time with your family which makes you more comfortable and soothe you a lot. This is not the end, you can also do something which makes you comfortable. Listen to music which creates happiness and relaxation in everyday life, reduces stress and lessens anxiety. 

I’m just giving tips and this is not a solution to the problem, by practising these or many, you may feel like you have escaped from the bad dream, STRESS. From every single thing, make the best out of it and make the best version of it for yourself to live a happy and wonderful life. 

Hope you readers got some idea what stress is and how to clean like a dust. Make sure because of you, your surroundings should not frown off but because of you, your surroundings should smile like a flower. 

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you. 

Stress problem leads to “LIFE PROBLEM” (Chapter 1)

This is a short story which is also my favourite story from my classic collections. Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination SUCCESS.

Today, I’m going to tell the cause and the results of stress and how to reduce it to live a happy and wonderful life.

The story begins:

There was a beautiful city named Tynam. Everywhere, we could see trees, small and big buildings, people and attractive shops. This city contained battery cars and thus, the atmosphere of the city was also clean and pleasant.

Two close friends namely- Bob and Jib lived together, studied together in the same school and college, worked together, married together but not lived together.

Both were really like siblings. They both knew what this guy wanted and that guy wanted. Their life was easy going and didn’t get any stress problems till they got a huge responsibility- FAMILY.

After a few years, they have been separated as they went to work on other jobs to meet their financial needs. So now, their interaction between both had been stopped and both focused on work and family.

Later Bob and Jib got two children each. Their life was really interesting till these children grew up. Now after years, their children have grown and they are studying in grade 3 and 4.

Jib was a cool guy whereas Bob was a tension guy. Due to this over responsibilities, Bob couldn’t really control and manage his salary and run his family. So, he worked hard to earn more and he worked overtime, so that he could live a happy life. Now also, he couldn’t manage the expenses and couldn’t really be happy. He earned more than that of Jib but the more he earned, the more he spent. 

– The key feature is that, we unknowingly fall into it and we will unknowingly grow it till we know we are trapped by this stress.
– It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Due to this, Bob really couldn’t sleep properly, eat properly, play with his kids properly, and couldn’t even do his work properly. He was in the trap of STRESS. 

After a few days, Jib contacted Bob by a phone call and Bob really in a sad way expressed his situation to him and finally Jib called him to meet him when he was free in his office. 

Now, what will Jib do to make Bob’s life beautiful? (Chapter 2 coming soon)

Think about this situation and make your day optimistic.

Thank you.


Welcome back my dear readers. How you all are smart in your own business. 

Today a part of my incident, a part of my memories, which I am going to tell you now.

A day before yesterday, my father and mother, together, planned for a long tour.

That was a place where all the people lived happily, who were neither sad nor upset.

Yesterday, my parents said about the place to me and my sister. We both were really excited when we heard about the big plan. So, we both started preparing for the upcoming adventure. We were really in a massive mood as we didn’t realise we didn’t take our dinner that day as dreaming about the journey. 

Today we woke up early and I called my father and mother to pack up the things for the upcoming adventurous journey. 

And by 10 am, we started our journey by car to the railway station. 

We were a family who used to forget something in our home while going outstation. Like that we forgot to take our TRAIN tickets. But my family was really a good family as we started our journey half more than early. Now, my father and I rushed to our home and took the TRAIN tickets and came to the station. By the time, the RED TRAIN came and on time, we safely took our seats. 

( Now the interesting thing which happened in the RED TRAIN was really mysterious and you would really think that “it does happen really?” Yes, it happened to us. ) 

Inside the RED TRAIN- wow, dad it’s really amazing. I really didn’t think that the TRAIN would be RED in color…amazing..!

Dad, can I see what’s there in this TRAIN? Yes my son, but be careful. Don’t go too far, be in this radius itself. I said okay and went.

That time while going, I suddenly fell down and stood up and saw one curious thing- A man without a head. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went near the headless man as I thought it was a dream. But the headless man called me by my name. I was surprised and I realised that it was not a dream and was astonished to hear the man calling my name. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

Then I asked that headless man to introduce himself as I am a courageous boy. Then the headless man introduced himself saying that he was not a headless man rather he was a MAGICIAN who can make lots of magics.

Hearing this, I was SHOCKED! It sounds good and I introduced myself to him. And said nice to meet you magician.

After that, we became friends and I asked him to teach me some magic which I could show to my parents and friends. 

And he agreed and taught me some magic. I started practicing it and by the time afternoon came and my father came searching for me and I introduced the magician to my father.

Hope you all think that this is a simple story, but there comes a climax but not now, it will be in THE RED TRAIN part-2.

Keep reading and always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.


Thank you.


Hello guys, hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination success. Read UBAY, THE RICH PERSON – PART 1 and read PART-2 for good understanding.

So in PART-1, though Ubay was a rich person, he lost all his properties, business because he kept full confidence in his business partners. Now, he became poor and what he did, we will see now.

Story continues,

He started roaming the cities and streets searching for jobs. Though he was innocent, he didn’t like to forgive his cruel partners. He thought- “ Whatever happened, it’s all because of me. But trusting my partners is not such a bad thing. Mmmmmm… but now I should show them who I am.”

Though he was an educated person, and one of the richest guys, people didn’t give him a job in private multinational companies as they knew the carelessness of UBAY.

So, he found a simple job in a market. Struggling with the poor facilities and facing it with his attitude to develop again into a richest person showed him the way to success by an entrepreneur who came by the way for shopping. He employed Ubay and chose him as his partner in his business.

Now, he became the business partner and was the CEO of that company. A person from their company should represent them in the board meeting between the multinational companies in BUKHA. So UBAY, as CEO represented their company in the meeting. 

In the meeting, his old business partners who cheated him were there and Ubay, didn’t tell them anything to them but attended the meeting casually.

After the meeting, he went near them casually and said to them- “ My dear old fellows, Thank you so much for your faithful response for which I kept my trust in you guys. Keep continuing your work. All the best.”

After hearing these kinds of words from UBAY, the partners said sorry and gave Ubay’s properties, business and everything which they took from him.

And again, Ubay became the richest person. 

MORAL: There is nothing to worry about. If anyone makes you fool, it’s not your mistake, it’s their mistake. Always be bold and be polite. Politely talk to them who made you fool, and so they will themself understand their level and apologize you. 

Always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.

Ubay, the rich person – Part 1

Hello guys. Today’s special story is one of my favorite stories. Read it and enjoy.

This is a story about a young guy whose name is Ubay.

Ubay was a boy from a rich family. He was one of 7 children. As he is a rich guy, he didn’t know the difficulties in life. He really didn’t care about life and completed his education. 

As they are a rich family, they were doing many businesses. 

So this Ubay, didn’t wish to start a new business and took over his family businesses.

But there a problem arises. He has 6 siblings, so the businesses were divided among them and their parents distributed equally to their children. 

That time Ubay, though a careless person, kept full confidence in his business partners.

One day, his business partners made a drama and made a false business contract and showed to Ubay. and Ubay as usual, with full confidence in his partners, didn’t read the contract properly and signed the contract. 

Finally Ubay’s full property, including business, was taken. And he became a poor man. 

Then after that, he went to his siblings house. Though they were siblings, they didn’t help Ubay.

So guys, what can we learn from this? Never trust anyone, keeping trust is good, but is that person capable of keeping your trust? Think! and be careful. 

What would this Ubay do now? 

( Part-2 Coming soon )

Always be positive and be an Optimist.

Thank you.


Hello guys. I am going to encourage you all today with a mysterious story.

A small story of ‘FEAR’

Fear is a name of a person who has fear in life. One day, when a person called him to his home for a big- english breakfast, ‘Fear’ had some problem to go that day to attend his breakfast.

The problem was that he(FEAR) had fear in attending the English breakfast, because the person who invited him was an unknown person.

So he didn’t attend the breakfast.

After a few weeks, cops arrested that unknown person. He was a crook, and a terrorist, who wanted to kill the ‘FEAR’ .

But due to fear, ‘FEAR’ had escaped from being killed.

So, ‘FEAR’ got inspiration and some positive vibes because of his thought of escaping from a crook.

And his fear, geared him to become a courageous person and he became a positive person in life.



Thank you.


Hope you guys are rocking and welcome you all to my blog. Today I gonna write a small incident that changed my mood.

One day when I was playing cricket with my friends, that time we (my team) were losing victory, but we tried our level best for success. Then also because of losing continuously, our mind was more disturbed and also with anger , we lost many games.

By the time, I saw group of birds flying and they did not worry where they are going and they were flying happily.

By the time I was seeing, my mood has been changed and I played very well in that match and we won the series. (A small incident changed my mood.)

From this, I want to say that there are small things or incidents which can change our mood from bad to best or bad to good.

Whatever you do, do with perfection so that you don’t worry and you will be happy.


Thank you.


Courage: The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

So well. Today I gonna tell you all a story… And so why to waste time? The story begins..

A boy whose name is SRIRAM, lives in Chennai, India. He likes to travel a lot. Like that, he traveled with his parents and his sister to Shimla, India.

They traveled via flight and by train and reached Shimla.

Shimla is a hilly place and there are many monkeys. And people who live in shimla often were afraid of monkeys.

And this family started visiting tourist places in Shimla. There were no vehicles allowed in certain places as it was a hilly area. So due to this, this family started visiting by walk.

That time many monkeys were there on their way.

So crossing the monkeys were very difficult. And as I said that the people in shimla were also afraid of monkeys.

And the boy ‘SRIRAM’, walked bravely and even the people of Shimla followed him and crossed the monkeys.

And the people who crossed with the help of that boy told thanks and went happily.

As the boy faced the situation positively and bravely without showing his fear, with full of COURAGE and CONFIDENCE, the situation became easier.

So the moral is…. We should not fear anything except GOD and do our best with CONFIDENCE and COURAGE like this boy in the story.



Thank you.

Never! Ever! Give up!!✌️👍

Welcome you all to my blog and today I wanna tell you all a small story……….

The story begins ; there was a race which was held only for little frogs. The end point is the top of the tower. The race is started, all the frogs were climbing up and up, and that time some frogs fell down in the middle of the tower. But still some frog were climbing… But the fallen frogs were discouraging the other frogs who were climbing.. Hearing the discouragement, many frogs fell down. But still one frog was climbing up and up and reached the top of the tower.. and won the race..!!

So from the story, we can understand that, we shall not hear the discouragement and we should try our level best for success.. and we will definitely win.. and also we should motivate ourself to “BE AN OPTIMIST”.

Thank you 🙏