The fresh chill breeze hit my face, my body and I could feel relief after a good amount of sleep. The day before yesterday(06/7/21), it was my friend’s birthday party which was held at 6 pm near Koikikas city. I, with my colleagues, went to his party a bit early to enjoy and to prepare for the party. We hung balloons on the entire doors and walls, stuck “Happy birthday Raj” with his face on the wall behind the party stage and we arranged food from a five-star hotel near Koikikas city which was located on the jacucas main road.

Hello guys, welcome you all to my optimistishere blog post. Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination ‘SUCCESS’.

I’m Dikshit, the one who is doing the narrative part in this story, and the story dialogues will be from me. I’m a student, doing MBA and I quite do have lots of friends who are not real which I found from one incident. Want to know? Story continues.

Raj- Wow! Wonderful decorations guys. I really thank my dearest friend Dikshit.
Hey, don’t tell me like that, you are my friend and if I don’t help you and if I don’t make the celebration grand, then what for am I called a friend? I said.
Okok but should give credits to the guy who did it right?
Ehh.. stop buttering me, get ready soon, the guest will be here soon.
Okok. I love you Dikshit. You are really a true friend to me.
I saw with an overreacting expression. Yeah, I’ll be back.

The party took place in a grand manner. Everything was perfect and the guests were happy about the food and everything, mainly the atmosphere where the party was held. Nothing special about the atmosphere- just simple folk songs with quiet viewing lights and the air-conditioned hall in my Raj’s house.
I stayed that night at his house and left the next day. The day which I really couldn’t believe.

I was quite happy because many guests were happy about the party’s arrangements. Also, it was my friend’s birthday in which I had spent the money on the food and arrangements.
I went through my Instagram page, I saw many photos of Raj’s birthday party which my friends uploaded, and found that I was not there in even one pic. Never mind Dikshit, I said to myself. But it bothered me. I then saw Raj’s posts, he had posted some group pics and cakes and some pics of his friends. Also, I couldn’t find my pic anywhere.
I thought “ Am I doing something unnecessary? Am I doing something which doesn’t bother me? Am I doing something which the birthday boy, my close friend, didn’t even bother? “ thoughts filled my mind. By that time, it became noon. I had lunch in my usual restaurant called MITHAIJI, which was located 5kms from my rented house. It was raining unusually at noon. I, after eating a hearty lunch of Rotti, paneer tikka, Dahi, dal, and some white rice, returned to my rented house with a moderate speed on my bike without wearing a raincoat under the power of the rain spill.
I slipped and fell down on the road. Blood was flowing like water from the running tap, my hand got scratched and my right leg was injured a lot, and I don’t know what more happened. I collapsed. I got up, tried to open my eyes, blinked, and visualized that I was in a hospital. Someone called the ambulance and thus came here.
My leg was fine but couldn’t move fast as before, my right hand got fractured and lots of blood went out from my body and someone donated blood and everything was done before I could realize or before I became conscious.

Somehow the news spread, my colleagues came to visit me. And my closest friend Raj also came and gave me a basket full of fruits.
That’s all, nothing else. After that, I had to stay in that hospital for a few weeks to undergo treatment. The first day, on which I got in an accident, many came to visit. But after that, none came, including Raj. I survived and survived alone.

From the story, what can we understand?
This is life. There won’t be anyone in our harder times but many will in the happier times though it might be fake. We, ourselves are the person who is our companion, guide, motivator, and everything in this world. We should be Self-dependent as it’s the only way to lead life. Depending on others doesn’t work. As you can’t depend. You should make your mindset and you should be self-dependent to achieve and survive in life.

Always be happy and be an optimist.
Thank you.

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