Walking through the woods

Walking, the word itself creates an interest to the walking lovers. The people who walk regularly know the feeling which the word creates. People walk on the terrace, play ground, park, beach, and so on. 

The woods? Yeah, we all know what the woods mean. The woods are the hard substance that trees are made of which we use to make furniture and so on.

Okay, we know the meaning of walking and the meaning of the woods, so you may think what is the connection between these two? That’s what today’s topic is.

I’m going to explain the term ‘ Walking through the woods ‘ , so I request my readers to read it with enthusiasm. 

The term simply means walking through the forest, the feeling of the person when he/she walks through the forest, the difference between walking in the city and in the greenery.

I walked through the woods when I was studying in grade 8 with my family. The greenery scenery, the fresh and cool breeze, small small creatures, the birds chirping, the monkeys jumping from one branch to another and the main thing is the beautiful feeling which came when I was walking through the woods.

Walking through the woods makes us feel energetic and makes our mind fresh.  Because the view that we see mainly reacts with our body and mind. In the city, we’ll see only the atmosphere and the buildings and its people. But in the woods, we can see trees, sunrise and sunset, the creatures, rivers, nature and it’s beauty. Just close your eyes and think about it. What will you do if you get a chance to ‘ walk through the woods ‘. 

This is for the walking lovers and the people who like to enjoy the greenery scenery. 

Always walk like a lion and do like an optimist.

Thank you.

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