A boy who sit,

Who looks like he is fit,

Wander around the street,

Who wants to give a treat.

Then comes a little girl,

Who looks like a pearl,

Greets every guy,

Who likes to cry.

Sun started setting,

But the boy was just getting,

Ice creams and cakes with a style,

Which really made all smile. 

Girl started crying,

When she lost her earring,

the boy who was buying,

Ice creams and cakes saw her crying,

He went near the little girl with a smile,

which made her shine.

He gave her ice cream,

inturn made her into a dream,

She ate it happily,

And boy was too happy truly,

And both of them returned home safely. 

                                                                The above is a simple poem which came to my mind when I was thinking to write differently. Some readers will think that the above poem is about the little boy and girl, but it’s really about the incident which made both of them happy, cheerful. 

The movement when the girl lost her earrings, which made her cry and when the boy who was buying the ice creams who had a thought to give to that small girl, which made her somewhat happy and the boy also got some satisfaction by making the little girl smile. Atlast the boy also was happy and went to his home happily. 

From this, we can understand that, from small incidents also we can get happiness, satisfaction. So, we should always smile with a style which may make the viewers agile and we may get good satisfaction. 

Laugh loudly, smile stylely, cry smoothly to feel the real happiness and satisfaction in life.

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.


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