Wait patiently

Namaste. Hope you all are staying safe and becoming an OPTIMIST.

Okay. We will start✨

To whom do you wait patiently? For me? Or for yourself? Or for your friends, relatives……?

Guys don’t wait for anybody. Because time is not waiting for you.

Don’t think that your besties will wait for you if you wait.

You may think I am confusing, but in reality, I am not confusing. I am telling you guys that for reaching success there is no need to wait for someone.

You may help somebody. That’s a good job. Congrats. But the one who doesn’t understand your goodness or your hard work, then there is no use to spend time for them that too waiting patiently is not advisable.

Time doesn’t wait for anybody neither for you nor me.

Start your work now. Don’t tell that ‘tomorrow I will do‘ because according to me, tomorrow never comes. If you tell me tomorrow I will do, then if I ask you the same question you will tell me that ‘I am not changing my words, I said tomorrow I will do‘.

So don’t waste time, use time perfectly. Wait patiently for those who understand your goodness.

Always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.

Thank you.

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