What does make you stronger?

Hello guys. Meeting and writing after a long break-in time. Due to some important work or like online classes, studies, etc. I couldn’t write regularly these days.

But no problem, you guys would have Rocked in life, I believe so.

So welcome you all again to my blog posts.

Today the content which I kept is ‘ what does make you stronger

Guys don’t think that if we don’t have a strong body or if you are slim, it doesn’t matter. Strong means it is of mentally and physically. If we are mentally strong, then we will be physically strong automatically.

So, the main things which I believe doesn’t make me stronger are my overconfidence. Some people may not be stronger due to a lack of willpower, lack of positivity and so on..

I never say that fear is a key that doesn’t make me strong. Because due to fear, we can gear. Fear helps us to strive hard and it helps to increase our will power, confidence, so and so.

Never say fear doesn’t make you stronger. ( Remember )

What doesn’t make you stronger is like a few salts in a Coffee. If you doesn’t take care in starting, and if you are careless, the little salt can make the coffee ‘ bad ‘ regularly.

So, I want to tell you that, what doesn’t make you stronger may be a simple thing in starting, but you should strive hard with it and you should develop the attitude to win it to become stronger.

Always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.

Thank you.

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