Hope you all are staying safe. 

We, the people of the world, should obey and come to the forefront to make our country clean. It’s not necessary for an individual to clean the country by going road by road, street by street, city by city. If we ourselves do not put the waste in our surroundings or we ourselves clean our own waste, if this is followed by every one, then automatically our country becomes clean and green.

       If anyone in our surrounding throws waste or garbage on the road, or in a public place, we should make him understand how to clean and how to not put or throw the waste in public places. So that it will not happen once more by that person. Also the government can make new rules and punish those who don’t follow the strict rules in making the country clean and garbage free.

So we can understand this concept clearly by an example:

If a priest does pooja in a temple, he uses incense sticks for doing the pooja. After doing the pooja using the incense stick, what should he do with the incense stick? He should place it in a stand and the aroma from the incense stick will reach everywhere. After the incense stick completes fully, what should he do? He should throw it in a road. Isn’t it? no . he should throw it or keep aside where no one could be disturbed and no one will be hurt by the incense stick. I hope this is the correct method. 

Like this only we all should do with any other things, matter which we have in our life. After using it we should throw it in a place where no one could be disturbed by it and no one could be hurt by it so that our surroundings become clean and our country becomes garbage free. This is the simple method which a person should follow and contribute his duty to the country. 

Thus by practising this we will definitely find change in our country.

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