Never! Ever! Give up!!✌️👍

Welcome you all to my blog and today I wanna tell you all a small story……….

The story begins ; there was a race which was held only for little frogs. The end point is the top of the tower. The race is started, all the frogs were climbing up and up, and that time some frogs fell down in the middle of the tower. But still some frog were climbing… But the fallen frogs were discouraging the other frogs who were climbing.. Hearing the discouragement, many frogs fell down. But still one frog was climbing up and up and reached the top of the tower.. and won the race..!!

So from the story, we can understand that, we shall not hear the discouragement and we should try our level best for success.. and we will definitely win.. and also we should motivate ourself to “BE AN OPTIMIST”.

Thank you 🙏

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