Aunt, what do you think about Suresh?

Why dear? Are you both annoying with each other?

No, aunt. But how did he become my friend, that too close friend?

Hahaha, you should ask him. Also, you are also a cool guy and neither you nor him are bad. That’s why both of you automatically became good and thick friends.

Krishna, how are your parents?

Good aunt. But none of them take care of me.

Why? What is wrong?

I am a good child. That’s the wrong thing.


My father and my mother, both are working and both will not spend time with me. They will go to work before I wake up and will come after I fall asleep. And I talked with them for more than a month closely.

Krishna, don’t worry. Talk with your parents one day. Talk openly whatever is there in your mind. We are here always for you. You are also like a son to us. Suresh will always play with you and spend time with you. Whenever you want, you can come here and talk, eat, play, and so on. No-one will question you.

Thank you aunt for your beautiful talk. And it really soothes me. I feel like my stress has been relieved now.

Hahaha. Enjoy my champ. Go and play outside.

Wow, what a nice time with my aunt. Mrs.Jacob, If someone like this is there with me or with us or with anyone, he/she can definitely overcome anything in life.

Yes, Krishna. You are really lucky and I am jealous of you.

THE BLACK GOLD- Chapter 01

Don’t shoot me.

Don’t beat me.

Let me win this game alone Suresh.  How much time will you win? Too much. If you do like this, I will not come to play with you.

Okay master, Krishna.  But you  tell me one thing, who likes to lose? Will you like to lose? No,no, that’s why I am asking you to let me win. (Hahahaha…)

Suresh, do you need anything to drink? Well Krishna, if I say yes, will you buy and give me? If I have money, surely I will. Okay Krishna, I know you will buy and give me anything I want. Now let’s drink mango juice, I will sponsor.

What a nice juice it is.  I really love it. Okay man, don’t tell anything just drink it.

Suresh, who told you about this place? Because you don’t know anything other than your home and my home. Hahaha

My uncle said to my dad about this place and I just heard their conversations. So you mean you just eavesdropped? You Krishna, I should not have bought and given you this juice. Hahaha just for fun Suresh.

 Really, I love this place.

Who would not like an amusement park? That too a grand, big and royal amusement park. Yes, great.

Next, in which ride should we go, Suresh? Round-a-bout.

Come on.

Like this we both enjoyed, not only amusement park, more than what you think Mrs.Jacob.

Poem- I like to be in my own way

I like to be in my own way

Own way… way

I like to be in my own way


Noone can come in my way

My way… way

Noone can come in my way


I like to travel in one way

In one way… way

I like to travel in one way


But if i wish then I take another way

I take another way… way


Because I am living an independent life

an independent life… life


This is the life of my way, own way

my way, own way… way


I like to be in my own way

I never ever like to depend

I never ever like to hang on 

Because I am a legend myself

Myself…  I am a legend

There is nothing to worry

There is nothing to hurry

Because I am in my own way

Own way… way

I am in my own way

I like to be in my own way

This poem came to my mind when I was reading a novel. There is nothing serious about the novel but about the poem. Either you are the creator of your way or I am the creator of my own way.

No one in the world has the right to oppose your own way rather I.

Keep passion towards your own way, and tell me I am in my own way and I like to be in my own way.

Life will be interesting if we are happy today

Readers, welcome back.

The most extraordinary thing in our life is “we don’t know what happens tomorrow”.

Today I am here to tell you a curious and suspicious story about the great king DUMDUM.

You may think like I have never heard of this king’s name. Of Course yes. This is the name from my story’s character. Enjoy it.

DUMDUM, why are you sad today? You won’t be like this as much as I have been with you.

Yes, dad. I have not been like this since today morning. But due to circumstances, an ordinary man should change so, right dad? Mmmm. 

But what circumstances? Elaborate clearly my prince.

The day when I was near the pond SPEDRA, I saw a beautiful rabbit. It was pink in color. 

From that day onwards, I used to go to the pond to see that rabbit.

But after a few days, the rabbit was not there.

Prince, it’s natural. The rabbit would have gone to search food or would have gone to another peaceful place as it’s also a living organism. 

Don’t interrupt dad.

After finding the rabbit was missing, I was shocked.

Dear son, now you would have searched for it, right?

Dad, don’t interrupt. 

I started searching for it as you said, but couldn’t find it. Then I started thinking as a rabbit, where would I go if someone follows me and disturbs me regularly? And the answer for the question is I would have gone to the neighboring place where plenty of water and vegetables, fruits are there.

After thinking like a rabbit, I searched for the place which I thought in my mind as a rabbit.

At last, I found it. The rabbit was in danger. One wolf was chasing it to eat. And after seeing this, I rescued the rabbit. And I took the rabbit to the palace.

Okay my son, but where is it now?

I don’t know dad, I took it here so that it will be safe and can enjoy it’s day easily. 

Don’t worry son. It would have gone to its own place where it can be free and can enjoy itself by finding its own food, escaping from wolf, eagle and taking rest under the shade of the tree and finally playing with it’s friends.

Dad, but why?

My son, there will not be any interest in life if we know what happens tomorrow. As that rabbit knew that its rest entire life will be with you, if it stays here and so, it didn’t want to be here and wanted to enjoy the day without knowing what happens tomorrow.

Oh.. that’s great dad. So, you are telling us that we should be happy today. Either good things happen or bad things happen, we should not worry about the future. Is it dad?

Yes my dear prince DUMDUM. So you will be happy today itself and enjoy today itself, because you don’t know what happens tomorrow. 

My dear readers, just follow what I conveyed to you from this story so that you can enjoy it like a rabbit. 

(Don’t worry about the RED TRAIN -2, it will be coming soon.)

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.


Welcome back my dear readers. How you all are smart in your own business. 

Today a part of my incident, a part of my memories, which I am going to tell you now.

A day before yesterday, my father and mother, together, planned for a long tour.

That was a place where all the people lived happily, who were neither sad nor upset.

Yesterday, my parents said about the place to me and my sister. We both were really excited when we heard about the big plan. So, we both started preparing for the upcoming adventure. We were really in a massive mood as we didn’t realise we didn’t take our dinner that day as dreaming about the journey. 

Today we woke up early and I called my father and mother to pack up the things for the upcoming adventurous journey. 

And by 10 am, we started our journey by car to the railway station. 

We were a family who used to forget something in our home while going outstation. Like that we forgot to take our TRAIN tickets. But my family was really a good family as we started our journey half more than early. Now, my father and I rushed to our home and took the TRAIN tickets and came to the station. By the time, the RED TRAIN came and on time, we safely took our seats. 

( Now the interesting thing which happened in the RED TRAIN was really mysterious and you would really think that “it does happen really?” Yes, it happened to us. ) 

Inside the RED TRAIN- wow, dad it’s really amazing. I really didn’t think that the TRAIN would be RED in color…amazing..!

Dad, can I see what’s there in this TRAIN? Yes my son, but be careful. Don’t go too far, be in this radius itself. I said okay and went.

That time while going, I suddenly fell down and stood up and saw one curious thing- A man without a head. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went near the headless man as I thought it was a dream. But the headless man called me by my name. I was surprised and I realised that it was not a dream and was astonished to hear the man calling my name. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

Then I asked that headless man to introduce himself as I am a courageous boy. Then the headless man introduced himself saying that he was not a headless man rather he was a MAGICIAN who can make lots of magics.

Hearing this, I was SHOCKED! It sounds good and I introduced myself to him. And said nice to meet you magician.

After that, we became friends and I asked him to teach me some magic which I could show to my parents and friends. 

And he agreed and taught me some magic. I started practicing it and by the time afternoon came and my father came searching for me and I introduced the magician to my father.

Hope you all think that this is a simple story, but there comes a climax but not now, it will be in THE RED TRAIN part-2.

Keep reading and always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.


Thank you.


Hello guys, hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination success. Read UBAY, THE RICH PERSON – PART 1 and read PART-2 for good understanding.

So in PART-1, though Ubay was a rich person, he lost all his properties, business because he kept full confidence in his business partners. Now, he became poor and what he did, we will see now.

Story continues,

He started roaming the cities and streets searching for jobs. Though he was innocent, he didn’t like to forgive his cruel partners. He thought- “ Whatever happened, it’s all because of me. But trusting my partners is not such a bad thing. Mmmmmm… but now I should show them who I am.”

Though he was an educated person, and one of the richest guys, people didn’t give him a job in private multinational companies as they knew the carelessness of UBAY.

So, he found a simple job in a market. Struggling with the poor facilities and facing it with his attitude to develop again into a richest person showed him the way to success by an entrepreneur who came by the way for shopping. He employed Ubay and chose him as his partner in his business.

Now, he became the business partner and was the CEO of that company. A person from their company should represent them in the board meeting between the multinational companies in BUKHA. So UBAY, as CEO represented their company in the meeting. 

In the meeting, his old business partners who cheated him were there and Ubay, didn’t tell them anything to them but attended the meeting casually.

After the meeting, he went near them casually and said to them- “ My dear old fellows, Thank you so much for your faithful response for which I kept my trust in you guys. Keep continuing your work. All the best.”

After hearing these kinds of words from UBAY, the partners said sorry and gave Ubay’s properties, business and everything which they took from him.

And again, Ubay became the richest person. 

MORAL: There is nothing to worry about. If anyone makes you fool, it’s not your mistake, it’s their mistake. Always be bold and be polite. Politely talk to them who made you fool, and so they will themself understand their level and apologize you. 

Always be happy and be an OPTIMIST.

Ubay, the rich person – Part 1

Hello guys. Today’s special story is one of my favorite stories. Read it and enjoy.

This is a story about a young guy whose name is Ubay.

Ubay was a boy from a rich family. He was one of 7 children. As he is a rich guy, he didn’t know the difficulties in life. He really didn’t care about life and completed his education. 

As they are a rich family, they were doing many businesses. 

So this Ubay, didn’t wish to start a new business and took over his family businesses.

But there a problem arises. He has 6 siblings, so the businesses were divided among them and their parents distributed equally to their children. 

That time Ubay, though a careless person, kept full confidence in his business partners.

One day, his business partners made a drama and made a false business contract and showed to Ubay. and Ubay as usual, with full confidence in his partners, didn’t read the contract properly and signed the contract. 

Finally Ubay’s full property, including business, was taken. And he became a poor man. 

Then after that, he went to his siblings house. Though they were siblings, they didn’t help Ubay.

So guys, what can we learn from this? Never trust anyone, keeping trust is good, but is that person capable of keeping your trust? Think! and be careful. 

What would this Ubay do now? 

( Part-2 Coming soon )

Always be positive and be an Optimist.

Thank you.

Our childhood makes us learn.

Namaste guys. 

Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to become a champion. 

When I was 5 years old, my father and mother, together, bought a cycle and gave it to me.

That time, I really don’t remember how I reacted. But I would have been happy and would have been surprised:)

So then, what’s next?

I rode the cycle with the help of a supporting wheel. As we all used to do.

Then I removed one support wheel, and practised. After a few days, I removed another support wheel. Finally, I started riding the cycle without a support wheel in just 3 weeks.

These incidents I am not telling to show who I am.  

You may think I also used to do this. Yes, I agree. 

But see these incidents carefully. These incidents showed my will power of riding my bicycle, showed my interest, showed my ability.

Convert these things to reality. Convert your cycling startup to reality. 

For cycling itself we showed our capabilities in our childhood. Then why can’t in our life?

Why can’t in our career? 

We can do anything, we can achieve anything in life unless and until we dream and plan for our own future.

There is a saying “if you can dream it, you can do it”-  it’s true.

Dream more, achieve more.

Always be positive and be an optimist.

Thank you.

Thrilling event

It was dark, When I was walking there. It was really terror to go and I was really afraid but due to some issues I was sent.

When I finally reached there, something was unusual. I could hear voices, laughter, but there was no one. I got confused and I shouted “ Is anyone there? Hello”. No reply came.

I ran, jumped and searched but only I lost my energy. I thought it was a trap for me, then after one incident I confirmed it. 

Then suddenly I heard a voice, woke up my child, and I suddenly opened my eyes and then I realised it was a dream. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

Hope you all are staying safe and striving hard to reach your destination, success.

For fun, I just said something funny for relaxation. So now, we will be serious and start the day freshly.

I forgot to ask you guys one thing, how is this new year 2021? I hope it’s really fantastic for you all because i really enjoy this 2021, hahaha!!!!

Story begins-

Once there was a boy who was studying in class 12 and the board exam was scheduled. His first exam was today and he was well prepared for it and he started to go to the examination centre by walk with his mother. While walking, a car came by the way and near the road, there was some muddy water and the car didn’t slow and hit the muddy water on the boy. Now, the boy was really upset and started crying.( Because there was no time to go back and change his dress, if he goes and changes, he would be late to the centre.)

He said to his mother “amma, today is my first 12th board exam, on the first day itself it happened like this. I think I will not write well if I wear this muddy water dress.” 

(His mother thought of a tricky plan.)

His mother replied “ my dear son, don’t worry. There is a belief, those who wear muddy dress and do or write something, the work will be fantastic and he/she will be successful in life.”

On hearing this statement, the son gained more confidence and wrote the exam, wearing the muddy dress. As he believed the words of his mother confidently, he got good marks.

So the moral is, whether someone is in danger or in worry, we the neighbors cannot solve the problem fully. But we can give encouraging words to them to make them confident.

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.

New year 2021

Hello guys. Hope you all are staying great and striving hard to reach your destination success.

First of all I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year 2021:)

So today, I’m going to give you some ideas, tips, to enjoy and celebrate this 2021 in a grand way.

  • This is 2021, so we should improve ourselves by doing things in a professional way that too correctly. 
  • We should travel a lot, and spend maximum time with our family, not just simply by sitting in our home, TRAVELLING:)
  • Take a special motto this year 2021, which you should follow regularly. For example,  BE AN OPTIMIST, this is a motto which I follow regularly. Like this you make a new motto which you can follow. After following your motto, you will see a new world and a new change in & around you, but it’s actually you, who have changed to a great, optimistic person:)
  • Read books and listen to songs which makes you think better and makes your mind fresh and energetic. 
  • Try to make someone happy, if doing so makes you feel great and happy.
  • Create new year resolutions, it’s not necessary to write it in a notebook or telling it to anyone, but we should write it in our mind and we should try to follow it. 

I think if you guys follow the tips given by me, you can transfer into a legend. If you are already a legend, you can live a legendary life forever.

Always be happy and be an optimist. 

Thank you.


A boy who sit,

Who looks like he is fit,

Wander around the street,

Who wants to give a treat.

Then comes a little girl,

Who looks like a pearl,

Greets every guy,

Who likes to cry.

Sun started setting,

But the boy was just getting,

Ice creams and cakes with a style,

Which really made all smile. 

Girl started crying,

When she lost her earring,

the boy who was buying,

Ice creams and cakes saw her crying,

He went near the little girl with a smile,

which made her shine.

He gave her ice cream,

inturn made her into a dream,

She ate it happily,

And boy was too happy truly,

And both of them returned home safely. 

                                                                The above is a simple poem which came to my mind when I was thinking to write differently. Some readers will think that the above poem is about the little boy and girl, but it’s really about the incident which made both of them happy, cheerful. 

The movement when the girl lost her earrings, which made her cry and when the boy who was buying the ice creams who had a thought to give to that small girl, which made her somewhat happy and the boy also got some satisfaction by making the little girl smile. Atlast the boy also was happy and went to his home happily. 

From this, we can understand that, from small incidents also we can get happiness, satisfaction. So, we should always smile with a style which may make the viewers agile and we may get good satisfaction. 

Laugh loudly, smile stylely, cry smoothly to feel the real happiness and satisfaction in life.

Always be happy and be an optimist.

Thank you.


A very pleasant day to one and all who are seeing my debate right now!

Today I am here to debate on the topic ‘whether Diet and nutrients are important during this pandemic situation. 

Really diet and nutrients is important in reality but as far as pandemic situations are concerned, it’s really not important to us. Because, in this pandemic situation, we’ll not get many food items, so preparing our diet and planning for it doesn’t sound good.
So, we should catch up with this situation and proceed like an optimist. 

We should eat healthy food which is available rather than behaving like a child because in this time LIFE is really very important rather than Planning for diets and Nutrients…

Because, if we are alive only we can plan well and execute it, so it’s better to not make diets and nutrients plans and must enjoy whatever food items are available. 

We can also do regular exercise like doing simple yogas, meditation etc to keep ourself fit in this pandemic. Healthy green vegetables which will be available in our surroundings are really far far better than planning for a good diet according to me.

So, I am telling you again that diet and nutrients is important in reality but as far as pandemic situations are concerned, it’s really not important to us.

Hope the viewers who are viewing my debate right now would have understood what I am speaking about. 

If you like my way of debating, send me something in a positive way. Because positive vibes encourage everyone. 

Always be happy and be an optimist. 

Thank you.